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Bayard Rustin

The Civil Rights Movement: A Background

Bayard Rustin's Childhood
The Civil Rights Movement: A Background
Rustin's Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
Bayard Rustin's Other Major Contributions

The Civil Rights Movement is a historical undertaking in which African Americans fought for equality; it is the main movement in which Rustin was involved.

The Civil Rights movement occurred throughout the 20th century, and was a movement for the equality of African Americans in America; the immediate goals of many Civil Rights activists were to eliminate prejudices and segregation, and eventually to establish equality and interracial integration in every aspect. It mainly took place in the United States, but its effects were felt throughout the entire world.

The Civil Rights movement began to gain increasing momentum in the 1950s and 1960s, when Civil Rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. began their career in helping end segregation and racism. Bayard Rustin was a major influence to Martin Luther King Jr., along with many other famous Civil Rights leaders. In fact, he was responsible for organizing the march on Washington, and for founding numerous institutions dedicated to ending segregation.

Rustin and other great Civil Rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. often worked together.

~The life and achievements of Bayard Rustin~