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Bayard Rustin


Bayard Rustin's Childhood
The Civil Rights Movement: A Background
Rustin's Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
Bayard Rustin's Other Major Contributions

The following sources were used in gathering information on Bayard Rustin:

This site is mainly about a movie, Brother Outsider, which chrhonicles Rustin's life.  However, it also has some very useful information on Rustin himself.
This site contains a lot of information on Bayard Rustin's life
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which is constantly revised and improved by thousands of dedicated people; it contains a detailed description of who Bayard Rustin is and what his achievements are.
Haskins, James. Bayard Rustin: Behind The Scenes of The Civil Rights Movement.
New York: Hyperion Books, 1997.
Sargent, Frederic O. The Civil Rights Revolution: events and leaders, 1955 - 1968

~The life and achievements of Bayard Rustin~