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Coretta Scott King

Child Hood

Intro to Her Life.
Her Child Hood.
Courage & Determination.
Martin Luther King Jr.
The Coretta Scott King Award.
The King Center.
Coretta and Civil rights.

Coretta was born on April 27, 1929 in Marion, Alabama in a Perry County. Her parents were truck farmers. They had a difficult life living with three children. Coretta and her sisters helped their mother by working around the farm. Coretta made money by working for neighbors hoeing and picking cotton. During Coretta's school years she had to walk about 6 miles to school and 6 miles back from school, while white children were bused to and from school.Coretta Scott went to Lincoln High School in Marion, Alabama. At Lincoln she became interested in music. She decided music would be her career. In 1945 Coretta graduated from Lincoln High School and won a partial scholarship to Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Coretta in High School.


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